We are Environmental Professionals, Architects and Engineers focused on energy efficient, financially saavy, environmentally sensitive and socially responsible solutions for impacts associated with buildings and the built environment.

Building high performance (certified green) buildings?  ECSG can help.

Buildings that use less energy and water, mitigate environmental impacts proactively and provide healthier indoor environments, perform better, cost less to insure and remain pertinent in the marketplace longer. Energy Cost Solutions Group has been created in order to positively impact the overall performance of commercial and residential investment properties. By implementing a variety of green building certification programs, providing independent energy models or audits and applying a variety of environmental certifications (LEED, National Green Building Standard, EnergyStar, Green Globes, Enterprise Green Communities and Florida Green Building Coalition), ECSG can help your business or project set and meet its sustainability goals. Our objective is to find cost effective solutions which increase property values, meet building code requirements, stimulate tenant retention, add durability and promote a sense of place while lowering operation expenses and reducing both initial and long-term environmental impacts associated with the development industry.  The sustainable solutions we recommend typically pertain to window and mechanical system specifications, insulation details, lighting design, plumbing fixture, finish specifications and many aspects of the construction activities.

Adding value to existing buildings.

In addition to third party verified, green building programs ECSG can provide Building Sustainability Analysis (BSA) Reports which provide property owners a thorough, cost savings analysis and create effective strategies to add real and market value to properties.  ECSG can help quantify and improve your buildings performance by providing waste stream audits, ongoing maintenance policies, temperature logging, transportation studies and LEED for Existing Building certification.

BSA reports are comprehensive, informative tools designed to empower clients and aid in making business decisions based on our knowledge of sustainable building design, mechanical system operations and the latest innovations in products geared towards durability, building performance and sustainability.

Existing buildings consume up to 60% of the total electricity produced nationally. By using our B.S.A. Report we can help identify cost saving measures to reduce overall operating expenses in your buildings.

One of our recent office building energy conversion consisted of fresh air adjustments, window treatments and lighting which yielded a 29% energy efficiency and a 27% savings in monthly expenses. This building’s investment paid for itself in 15 months and in only 4.4 months when factoring in the IRS deduction.